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XITE launches world’s first personalized music television channel

Music & technology company XITE launched the first personalized music television channel in the world today. The company’s Personalized Music Television service, which allows users to skip and like videos in curated channels, create their own music video channel, or search the company's catalog of on-demand official music videos, has been integrated with the linear TV channel through Dutch operator Ziggo. This means users immediately have access to the service when they tune in to the XITE channel, without having to search and launch it from the operator's app store.

This makes XITE the first provider in the world to combine music, technology and television in a way that bridges the gap between traditional television viewing and a digital, on-demand personalized experience.

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XITE released the Personalized Music Television service at the end of 2015 as an application through Dutch provider Ziggo. User interactivity informs the company's mix of music curation and algorithms to create an experience that is individual to each user's preferences. Users can search for videos, create their own music video channel or watch curated channels (such as ‘Party Time’ and ‘Sunday Chill’) and like and/or skip videos so that the application can better respond to the user’s preferences. 


Starting today, the current linear channel is replaced by this application; a revolutionary development in the current TV landscape.


The launch of the personalized channel is an innovative and groundbreaking step that offers a future for linear television by combining the best features of TV and the Internet. Viewers become users, which will change the TV landscape as we know it.

Operators are excited to include our product in their portfolio. XITE's Personalized Music Television service is seen as the means to retain millennials in the eco system of traditional operators.

Derk Nijssen, CEO & Founder of XITE Networks
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    Moa Afzal

    PR & Communications Manager
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About XITE

We know the best way to enjoy your favorite music is through video. That’s why we just love music videos. Everything we do is focused on providing the consumer with (personalized) music videos.

Since 2008, XITE has been broadcasting linear television and offering its VOD services on several platforms. Now, XITE provides 15 million households in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Qatar 24/7 with the most popular music videos.

In 2015 we massively changed the way to watch music videos with a world’s first: Personalized Music Television. This music video service allows you to like and skip through all videos and create the perfect personal music video channel. Personalized Music Television is live in the Netherlands, Germany and Qatar and is expanding globally.

On top of that, XITE has a full in-house production team. The studio creates content such as documentaries, music videos and YouTube formats for XITE, for our partners and external clients.

See www.xite.com for more information.