International music video service XITE premieres exclusively on Samsung in the U.K. & Ireland

International music video service XITE is now available exclusively on Samsung Tizen Smart TVs sold from 2015 onwards in the United Kingdom and Ireland. XITE is a fully immersive and interactive music video experience that allows users to lean back and enjoy music videos, enjoy channels curated by XITE’s team of music experts, and create their own station drawing from different genres, eras, and visual styles.

XITE’s Co-CEO Cees Honig said: “Music videos continue to dominate overall music streaming worldwide. Expanding our service to the U.K. is an amazing way to give music fans in the U.K. a beautifully designed experience that is 100% dedicated to music videos.


XITE features a full catalogue of music videos from artists across all major and top independent labels, from today’s most popular and trending artists including Ed Sheeran, Mabel and Billie Eilish, to upcoming artists like SG Lewis, Mahalia and Koffee. Earlier this year, XITE launched on Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV in the United States. XITE is also available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Canada and on X1 Xfinity in the United States.


Niels Daalhuizen, Chief Product Officer at XITE, said: “We are very excited to premier XITE through Samsung in the U.K. and give Samsung Smart TV owners the opportunity to experience music videos in the best way possible - whether they’re leaning back and enjoying a channel created by our team of music experts or making their own personalised playlist.”


Guy Kinnell, Vice President of TV/AV, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd said; “We are always looking to provide the greatest experience for our customers including offering the best smart platform and best range of apps currently available. XITE provides a new music experience, which consumers cannot experience on any other Smart TV platform for the next 12 months in the UK.

XITE aims to offer the best music video experience in the world. Founded in the Netherlands, XITE now reaches 80 million households across Europe and North America through linear networks, interactive TV, and on-demand streaming services. The company revolutionised the way audiences experience music videos by allowing viewers to search, like, and skip through its vast catalogue; enjoy channels curated by its team of music experts; and create personalised channels based on genre, era and visual style using its unique Mixer feature. XITE has access to virtually every available music video through agreements with all major and top independent music labels.

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About XITE Networks

With over 14 years of experience in TV, tech development, music licensing, content production and music curation, XITE is dedicated to building the best music video experience in the world. We want to share our passion for music videos with the world and invite people to experience music beyond listening: to see music.

With more than 200 channels curated by music experts in a diverse range of genres, moods, themes and trends, with a focus on discovery, seasonality and cultural relevance, we aim to be the 'source of truth' for what's happening in music videos and be the music video guides customer's trust. XITE is for everyone who loves music videos.

Our product is available on more than 100 million connected televisions, set-top boxes and OTT devices in North-America and Europe.