XITE is launching two new channels on Samsung TV Plus

BROOKLYN — October 28, 2021 — Expanding our lineup, XITE is launching two new channels on Samsung’s TV Plus linear service. Viewers can now get a taste of “yesteryear” with “80s Flashback” and “90s Throwback”.

“80s Flashback”, provides consumers with a dose of nostalgia from the decade when music videos came into our living rooms, and iconic moments stayed with us ever since. This channel spans the totally radical hits, to the cult classic deep cuts.

With the “90s Throwback”channel, take a trip back to the days of flannel shirts, hella bling, boy and girl bands and genre bending crossovers. Check out music videos featuring Grunge, Britpop, Dance Pop, the ''golden era'' of R&B, Hip-Hop and everything in between.

“80s Flashback” can be found on channel 1501, with “90s Throwback” right behind it on channel 1502, both on Samsung TV Plus.

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